Overview of the TRC Application for High School Scholarship

The Tampa Rowing Club requires a variety of information for those high school students applying to receive a rowing scholarship at another program.  We want to help as many students and find those who most deserve our help.  The club scholarshipapplication process consists of five (5) basic steps:

  1. This overview and the dreaded robot check - enter the answer to the math question, if necessary
  2. Entry of required information on the Scholar Application as marked by a red - using cut and paste might be best for your statement section
  3. Submission of information for recommendations for you.  You need one reference from your rowing coach and one teacher.  Please, provide their names and contact information for them
  4. Our internal review and evaluation
  5. Notification of the results

 All the information you enter will be sent to our team and you will receive a copy of it in an email for your records. Nothing you submit here is shared outside of the TRC Scholarship Evaluation Committee.

We look forward to many miles of happy rowing for you!


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